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"If Only Flies Saw the Show..." in Muzychi
19 — 31.01 2015
Art House Muzychi
In early 2015 Art House Muzychi together with NIICE Publishing co-hosted exhibition and presentation of the art zine about informal spaces and art practices of Western Ukraine. 
In 2014 curatorial collective of Lizaveta German and Maria Lanko started their research of Ukrainian art scene in the framework of the online platform Open Archive. As the first outcome of the research they assembled If Only Flies Saw the Show, Does It Mean That It Actually Happened? exhibition in Another Vacant Space artist-run gallery in Berlin.
Informal Art Spaces of Western Ukraine. Lviv–Uzhhorod, 1993–2013 zine was created on the invitation of NIICE Publishing and thanks to the generous support of 3z graphic design studio. Kyiv launch of this research takes place in Muzychi by no accident. In the recent years this private art residency run by Alevtina Kakhidze served as a platform for "writing" an alternative art history – "extended history of the Muzychi" created by international guests, participants of exhibitions, events and Muzychi Art Fairs.
We thought that a venue as self-sufficient (both geographically and conceptually) as Art House Muzychi would be perfect to start a conversation about artistic landscape of Western Ukraine little-known to the Kyiv public.
Art House Muzychi
is like an artistic run space, but not exactly...
its about the way private spaces in Muzychi (artist's studio, house and backyard) turn into public ones, yet with an artistic content...
Supported by (Kyiv)

3Z Studio (Kharkiv — Kyiv)

Artcult foundation (Kyiv)

Foundation for Cultural Initiatives ArtHuss (Kyiv)
Centre for Urban History of East Central Europe (Lviv)

Detenpyla Gallery (Lviv)
Pereoblik project (Lviv)

Adam Nankervis and Another Vacant Space gallery (Berlin)

Alevtyna Kakhidze and Art House Muzychi (Muzychi, Kyiv region)

Ya Gallery art centre (Kyiv-Dnipropetrovsk)

Photo studio of Yevgen Nikiforov (Kyiv)

Olha Balashova (Kyiv)

Ilya Zabolotnyi (Kyiv)