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Petro Ryaska

Maryana Yaremchyshyna


born in Bilky village, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine


study in Zakarpattia art institute, department of fine art / decorative and applied art


becomes member of Zakarpattia branch of National artistic union of Ukraine


Lives and works in Uzhgorod



Milestone events


entering the Transcarpathian art institute in Uzhgorod. Studying in the studio of honoured artist of Ukraine V. Prikhodko


beginning of performance and happening practice, first performances – Opposition, Stone and Upstream.


presenting the Idea That Is Felt project in Detenpyla gallery, Lviv


first curatorial project – Temporary Exhibition which since has been held every three months in Uzhgorod


presenting the Vibration of Verhovyny object as a continuation of the theme started in the Idea that is felt project, Korydor gallery, Uzhhorod

Vibrations of Verkhovyna
Korydor gallery, Uzhgorod

"Vibrations of Verhovyna project is a vibration in Uzhgorod, Ivano-Frankivsk, or some other city, other time and space ... Conceived as an extension of the Idea that is Felt project shown in Detenpyla gallery, this spatial object adresses the possibility to experience a thought through color and found object that is the room itself. It provokes a particular emotional state associated with sense that has a though in its core."

Petro Ryaska

Labor and Love
Conceptual show, Uzhgorod gallery

Object-installation "Labor and Love" consists of three parts: "Rhythm", "Rake" and "Rule".

Minimalist visual language is combined with straight image of craft items (found objects)

Temporary exhibition, Korydor gallery, Uzhgorod

Memory performance can be seen as a sort of Ryaska’s commentary to his practice of painting, a step towards combining his favorite familiar work with challenges of new medium which is becoming increasingly popular within the artistic community of Western Ukraine. Experience and sense of the painting-oriented artist are reinterpreted in the Memory through performativity and direct involvement of primary elements of painting into live action. Colored pigment becomes more than a mere technical alienated tool for visualizing image on the canvas, but rather a matter-on-its-own releasing their immediate visual and tactile properties.

Cosmos of Verkhovyna

series of paintings created at open-air residencies in Zakarpattia mountains

The Idea That is Felt
Detenpyla gallery, Lviv

An important aspect of the project is an artist’s intention to rethink his own long-term painting practice, an attempt to use color outside the picturial surface and to move his non-figurative experiments into the total spacial field. Together with following project Vibration of Verhovyny "in the" opinion ... " artist develops the idea of ​​working with the space-as-an-object.