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national identity

performance, Les Kurbas Centre, Kyiv
Petro Ryaska, Vibrations of Verkhovyna
Korydor gallery, Uzhgorod

"Vibrations of Verhovyna project is a vibration in Uzhgorod, Ivano-Frankivsk, or some other city, other time and space ... Conceived as an extension of the Idea that is Felt project shown in Detenpyla gallery, this spatial object adresses the possibility to experience a thought through color and found object that is the room itself. It provokes a particular emotional state associated with sense that has a though in its core."

Petro Ryaska

Viktor Melnychuk, Catcher in the Rye
Andriy Stegura, Untitled
video, 1'12''
The End: TV-screen blacks out and is gradually filled up with cast list and other credits while the final song starts playing... In his short video "Untitled" Andriy Stegura exploits the standard method of movie culture - to "finish" the spectator after the film drama with cold technical information and emotional music theme. In the artist's video the final credits have no movie to refer to, yet it must have been about Ukraine if it ever existed (the folk song and the trident disguised as japanese character make a hint). The unmade movie (which can be read as the absence of cultural memory) results in corresponding consequences - unreadable text and a song styled as folk, yet performed with a over foreign accent. Ukrainian identity is revealed here as "alien" not only for export, where it is bound to the status of exotics, but first and foremost in the internal circulation leaving the trident and the pseudo-folk tune as the only posiible clues...
Petro Ryaska, Cosmos of Verkhovyna

series of paintings created at open-air residencies in Zakarpattia mountains

Kostiantyn Smolyanynov, Sweet Home Halyčyna