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born in Zaporizzhya


graduated from Uzhgodor College of Applied Arts


Lives and works in Uzhgorod

video, 1'12''
The End: TV-screen blacks out and is gradually filled up with cast list and other credits while the final song starts playing... In his short video "Untitled" Andriy Stegura exploits the standard method of movie culture - to "finish" the spectator after the film drama with cold technical information and emotional music theme. In the artist's video the final credits have no movie to refer to, yet it must have been about Ukraine if it ever existed (the folk song and the trident disguised as japanese character make a hint). The unmade movie (which can be read as the absence of cultural memory) results in corresponding consequences - unreadable text and a song styled as folk, yet performed with a over foreign accent. Ukrainian identity is revealed here as "alien" not only for export, where it is bound to the status of exotics, but first and foremost in the internal circulation leaving the trident and the pseudo-folk tune as the only posiible clues...
video installation

Videoinstallation "Buttons" is composed out of three elements: a video piece - the nearly static Edie Sedgwick's "Screen Test" by Andy Warhol, an audio - Winston Churchill's speech to the House of Commons from 4 June 1940 known as "We shall fight on the beaches" and an object - two buttons glued to the screen covering Edie's eyes. "We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender!", speaks out Churchill to his compatriots, while a nice-looking blond girl stares at the spectator with her hypnotic button-eyes. 

Por Amor
video (fragment)
Breath (Vdoh)
object, Biryuchiy, Zaporizzhya region
The object was created during the artist's residency on Biryuchiy island. Stegura installed a motion sensor at the doorway of one of local buidings which lights the lamp when someone approaches. The lamps's design is reminescent of classical Soviet industrial lighting with stencil-painted word "ВХОД" ("ENTRANCE"), yet is slightly altered by the artist into "ВДОХ" ("BREATH"). It is planned to have another one saying "ВЫДОХ" ("EXHALE") in the opposite part of Ukraine in Zakarpattya region.

Unknown books with collaged anonymous messages addressed to a beloved girl who may find them one day on a library shelf...This expressly naive and romantic artist’s description of these objects stresses on their absurdist nature: a random book deprived of its original function delivers another textual message, which in fact doesn’t have any clear sense and even real addressee. Conceived as a tool for private communication by Stegura’s alter ego, these books-letters exist an imaginary nowhere-state. They seem to be stuck between the real objects that can neither be sent forward nor returned back to the library, and the art works based on Stegura’s reflection on the essence of language as well as conventionality of its graphic expression means.

92 Days of Summer