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Maryana Yaremchyshyna

Larisa Venediktova / Tanzlaboratorium

TanzLaboratorium (established in 2000) is an independent performance group that works with time in given, randomly found or consciously chosen spaces. Physical practice is regarded as a method of critical analysis, and dance – by investigating its perception – becomes a way of thinking. The group's artistic strategy involves permeating the gaps between various contemporary art forms. TanzLaboratorium has participated in many festivals and exhibitions, including the "Women's Workshop" at the Visual Culture Research Center (Kyiv) and INFANT in Novi Sad (Serbia). Their performance Lovescape was shown at the Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok (Poland), PostUkrainian Body in the Special Project "Double Game" at the First Kyiv International Biennale of Contemporary Art ARSENALE 2012 (Kyiv), (As if) Panopticon at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. TanzLaboratorium founded the Educational Art Project PERFORMATIVITY. TanzLaboratorium works in Kyiv.
Shevchenko. Unrest
performance, Les Kurbas Centre, Kyiv
intervention in public space
Artists' statement:
Beings with arms and legs, and yet they are hardly akin to people, because they have not got heads.
They can’t see, only their arms and legs have contact with the world.
They travel in magnificent cars, make appearances in public places, and lay flowers at memorials.
Silent beings in full-length garments are not perceived as “ordinary people”, even though they are polite and obey the rules.
You may not arrest them for breaking the law, and yet their very presence evokes both fear and hilarity at the same time, and perhaps – in a particular way – a breach in public order.
Risk Assesment
performance (in collaboration with Jeremy Deller), exhibited at “Impossible Community” exhibition, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, curated by Viktor Misiano
Let's Make a Deal — you don't See me, I don't see you
performance, within "Hostage at NAMU", National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, curated by Larissa Babij