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bodily practices

Kostiantyn Smolyanynov, Strolls with Pleasure and not without Moral
Yuriy Biley, A Minute of Silence
performance (photo and video documentation), Days of Performance Art in Lviv
performance (in collaboration with Jeremy Deller), exhibited at “Impossible Community” exhibition, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, curated by Viktor Misiano
performance, kinetic installation, mixed media


The project consists of several linked parts presented in different spaces and different artistic media. The shared subject of all the parts is the physical essence of the earth. On each step of the project it is explored by the artists using the key aspects of his practice - the moment of chance and the moment of time length.


Different stages of the project were presented in following spaces:

Dzyga galley, 2011 (Lviv)

Fort Mission festival, 2011 (fortress of the First World War times, Popovychi village, Lviv region)

Detenpyla gallery, 2011 (Lviv)

Gallery Program, 2012 (Warsaw)

ZAZ festival of performance, 2012 (Tel Aviv)

M17 centre, within the Introversion show, 2013 (Kyiv)

The artist’s text to one of the project stages in Program gallery:


The time of body 


, and the one of vibration and of hanging unconscious, while being conscious of the energetic balance. The moment of expectation by chance, but not accidently.

And the body of the time. But the time it’s finished - it begins, when it starts - it ends, and starts over again. The sacral way of the Big Nothing.



Larisa Venediktova / Tanzlaboratorium, Let's Make a Deal — you don't See me, I don't see you
performance, within "Hostage at NAMU", National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, curated by Larissa Babij
Myroslav Vayda, Savagery

Within the festival Days of Performance in Lviv. School of Performance, 1-4.09.2010

Part of Week of Contemporary Art, Lviv

Volodymyr Topiy, Sacrifice
Lublin, Poland

at the Holy World festival