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born in Uzhgorod, Ukraine


graduated from Lviv National Art Academy, department of ceramics


awarded with the Gaude Polonia scholarship


cofounded artistrun gellery Detenpyla together with Pavlo Kovach, Jr and Stanislav Turina


cofonded Open Group together with Pavlo Kovach, Jr, Anton Varga, Yevgen Samborsky and Stanislav Turina


cofounded artistrun gallery Efremova26 together with Pavlo Kovach, Jr and Stanislav Turina


Lives and works in Lviv

Movement of Light
performance (photo documentation), XIV International Art Festival "Interakcje", Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland

On looking carefully at the festival venue for perfomances Biley decided to highlight the time lapse of about half an hour when a faint ray of light penetrates the heavy curtains and comes into the space. He elaborated on a complex scheme of reflection and dissemination in order to forward the beam to its entrance point. The performance lasted until he succeded in sending the light to where it came from. 

Board of Fame
performance, installation (photo documentation), Detenpyla Gallery, Lviv

For his project the artist invited everyone who'd ever been to Detenpyla gallery before. In the exhibition space he'd constructed a setting that consisted of a sofa for visitors, a camera on a tripod, a table with a desktop and a printer on it. Biley took picture of every guest, printed it immediatedy and placed it on a predominantly outlined wall, the so-called "Board of Fame". 89 people took part in the 14-day project.

A Minute of Silence
performance (photo and video documentation), Days of Performance Art in Lviv
Object "Presence"
metal bar, carpet, broom, carpet beater, sound

Artist's text on the project:


From the ongoing project "Dedication"


The object is meant to grasp a time lapse from a lasting cyclic process of physical and psychic life of a modern man by the means of everyday objects.  

The piece derives from a tradition of dusting out the carpets. It was inspired by a real-life event:


On January 16, 2013 an old man was dusting two carpets on Dobrolubova Str. in Uzhgorod.

- Could you tell how many times a year you dust out the carpets?

- Two or three times. So much dust, the vacuum doesn't manage.


An important element of the artwork is sound (recorded before the actual conversation took place, January 16). The sound just as bell ringing highlights the cyclicity.