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 born in Lviv, Ukraine

Graduated from the Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts after Ivan Trush (artistic woodworking department)

Graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts (restoration department)

Graduated from the Phd  Lviv Academy of Arts (art history), researcher of sacred art


Lives and works in Lviv


Selected exhibitions


Cactus Tymkiva, exhibition of the creative association Cactus, Museum of Ideas, Lviv

2010 project, at Scandalous shop art festival, Lviv


Cold Aesthetics project, Ekle festival, Uzhhorod


NEODADANEO, Detenpyla gallery, Lviv


First international exhibition of handmade magazines (samizdat) ZINESHOW, tymutopiyapres gallery, Lviv


Lubomyr Tymkiv's practice be it art, poetry and theoretical research of sacral Ukrainian art, manifests itself beyond institutional framework and literally beyond physical space - on the web in the form of weird and witty blogs / virtual shows or in the continuous correspondense with artists and non-srtists worldwide, whose visual mails are complemented by a delicate and hardly visible intervention of drawings, inscriptions or cutouts by Tymkiv himself. These two types of work come together in the artist's third offspring - Tymutopiyapres, the garage gallery in the courtyard of his private house. It is there, in the heart of the cottage area in the outskirts of Lviv that he regularly exhibits mailart, graphic pieces and zine by his international "pen friends" and also makes videos for his virtual projects.  

Mechanical devices for automatic poetry production - Dada Poetry Machine & Asemic Poetry Machine

Аt the opening of the exhibition Marco Giovenale "Glyphs (and) Encyclopaedia", tymutopiyapres gallery

October 6, 2012

Lviv, Ukraine

With Jesus on a fishing trip
oil on canvas
Instruction-Destruction 4
Manifest "Against the National artistic council of Ukraine"

Любомир Тимків


ПРОТИ НСХУ (поетичний маніфест)


Якщо ти художник

і інших ти сфер,

НСХУ для тебе

це “Ху” від тепер.


Так, пенсію зроблять

і честь і хвала,

та ось на плечах

не твоя голова.


І звідки ж узятись

там силам новим,

коли все гниле

віддають молодим.


Достатньо, пожило

розбещене Ню,

НСХУ час скидати

В кромешну пітьму.

gallery, 19/1 Sadivnycha Str., Lviv

Located in the middle of a cottage area in Medova Pechera (Honey Cave) district, Tymkiv’s private garage opens its doors for art only when it’s warm. Each season the gallery hosts around 3-4 events, presenting projects of Tymkiv’s fellow artists as well as his own collection of international zines and mail art.