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Anastasia Rudneva, Works from the personal show This is not that show. This is not a show
Lyubomyr Tymkiv garage gallery, Lviv
Petro Ryaska, The Idea That is Felt
Detenpyla gallery, Lviv

An important aspect of the project is an artist’s intention to rethink his own long-term painting practice, an attempt to use color outside the picturial surface and to move his non-figurative experiments into the total spacial field. Together with following project Vibration of Verhovyny "in the" opinion ... " artist develops the idea of ​​working with the space-as-an-object.

Ruslan Tremba, Blood. Full Stop
oil on canvas
Ruslan Tremba, Anticipating the Last Supper
oil on canvas
Ruslan Tremba, Symbolum Sacrum
oil on canvas

series of non-figurative paintings produced within the coopeartion with Symbolum Sacrum, foundation that brings together Divine Studies with contemporary art

installation, Centre for Contemporary Art, Kyiv, curated by Jerzy Onuch

Malarstvo (“painting” from Ukrainian and Polish) was a project conceived by CCA’s second director and curator Jerzy Onuch who had always been interested in the idea of painting. Onuch thus invited painters Tiberiy Szilvashi from Ukraine and Leon Tarasewicz from Poland to challenge the idea of painting in the space of CCA galleries. Szilvashi used the complete space as the ‘ground’ of a painterly intervention, turning it into a volumetric painting. The room was painted blue, a pool with deep-blue water vitalizing the floor. Only a few colored spots highlighted the composition.