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Kinder Album

Kostiantyn Smolyanynov

Born 1982

Works with painting, graphics, street art, photography, video art and installation


Based in Lviv, Ukraine



Milestone events:


started to work under the nickname Kinder Album on facebook


personal graphic exhibition, Dzyga gallery, Lviv


The Next Stop, street art project in Lviv graphic series that were exhibited on tram stops.


 met Sergiy Melnitchenko, did Les Amours Imaginaires project together


exhibition Les Amours Imaginaires, Arteria gallery, Museum of Contemporary art, Odessa


participated in Open Group’s project "Where is my gallery?", presented in Karlin Stydio, Prague


group exhibition "Soap", Hudpromo gallery, within Odessa International Film Festival, Odessa

Kinder Album
About 400 pieces of A4 album paper, watercolor, ink, markers

Artist's statement:

Kinder Album is a collection of the intentionally primitive drawings, depicting stories as if a child told them to the grown-ups. 

The characters in these drawings had take off their clothes to discover their vulnerability. Because that is how we are in real life - absolutely vulnerable.


The main subjects of these images are death and sex. 

Sex is the essence of life and its continuity. Death as the only possible outcome.

Irony as a mirror, which everyone of us has to face.


As the ancient paintings that came to our days under the name of Unknown Artist, the drawings from Kinder Album are also anonymous, and it is implied that they don't belong to any particular author. It is not a coincidence, for from its start the project has been purely virtual, with the new drawings being posted daily on Facebook. And virtual world hides the truth. We can only see what the author lets us see. We don't know who drew these images, or how old he or she is.


It is rather a collective subconsciousness inside the head of some schoolgirl that never grew up. Or perhaps, she never was a child.


So many different stories that entwined into one, and it repeats itself over and over, for the infinite number of times. 

Les amours imaginaires/Imaginary Love
graphics on photographs, markers, 21x15 cm each in collaboration with Sergii Melnychenko

Artist's statement:

Provocative project about worldwide problem of homophobia. A girl suffering from the love she lost is constantly present in the drawings next to the guys who are making love. Physical and spiritual co-exist peacefully and the only boundaries are the ones that are in people's heads. This series is meant solely to ask a question and motivate people to think and participate in discussion. The viewer is supposed to be actively involved. He or she can say something in a microphone, draw or write a review on the wall right next to the project. In this way a whole new project-reaction is being created which can be reviewed and showcased independently.

Girls are playing together
photography, dimensions variable

Artist's statement:

Analog photography which is mainly concentrated on situations when girls are playing some role game “Photographer and the model”, and process becomes the part of the performance, where future pictures are the documents of this performance.


"We play and we know that we play, so we are much more than just only intelligent beings, because the game is unreasonable."

Johan Huizinga. Homo Ludens

All videos are stored at the official youtube-chanell Kinder Album