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A Brief History of Curating in Ukraine. Volume V. Artist Run Galleries in Western Ukraine. Lviv–Uzhhorod 1993-2013

The artbook was initiated by indie-publishing house NIICE and thanks to the generous support of 3z graphic design studio. In the course of 2014, the curatorial collective of Lizaveta German and Maria Lanko has been extensively researching art scene of western cities of Ukrainian within the framework of the online project Open Archive. The outcome of this study includes a series of exhibitions and a publication with archival photos, texts, floor plans and comments from the founders of the 8 informal galleries in Lviv and Uzhhorod that existed (or/and still exist) over the past 25 years: Decima, Chervony Rury, Korydor, Detenpula, tumutopiapres, Yefremova26, 89 Days of Winter project, Lyubomir Sikach garage gallery.



Publisher: NIICE Publishing (first edition), Europejska Stolica Kultury WROCLAW 2016 (second edition)

Design and Imposing: 3Z Studio

Texts: Lizaveta German and Maria Lanko

Images: the artists 

Slipcover: Yuriy Sokolov, from the series "Optical Conceptualism", 1990



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