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Marsel Onysko, Carpathian Album (together with Robert Saller)

Artists' text about the project:


Are you living somewhere you do not want to? Perhaps you should prepare for a good trip. Find your favorite armchair… electric fire… wrap yourself up in a flannel blanket… it's rainy outside… wild is the wind… last trams leaving to depot... You are closing your eyes or lingering on patterns of your old wallpaper and all of a sudden you hear sounds from your childhood: a seething waterfall… a deer carefully approaching a creek while under the quiet watch of a bear.  The fragrances of herbs and spicy smells of mushrooms — everything is so real that you are already part of this picture. Then you sit down on the trolley of mountain narrow-gauge railway and meditate on the music appropriate for this scene. You thoughts are flowing… your mind is going through your entire record collection and when it couldn't find something just right, it produces a new one especially for this case.

Close your eyes and imagine this music. Then open them and look at the Carpathian Album.


Vlodko Kaufman, Mechanical Sound Anatomy