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Beata Korn

Nata Popova


born in Uzhgorod 


studied at Uzhgorod Art College 


studied at Lviv National Art Academy, department of ceramics 


tutored at Uzhgorod Art College 

Lives and works in Uzhgorod

Dimka Brokenhearted
wood, ceramics, mosaic, 200х70х90 cm

"Dimka Brokenhearted" is a two-meter high scupture that resembles both a hundred-times boosted LEGO man and a zoomorphic discoball. Despite the technological looks the piece was created from the most natural marials - clay and class. This combination in Korn's view reflects on the contemporary world of high speed, super production and conveyor thinking balanced by the "back-to-basics" type of creation.


The work was exhibited at the "Squatting" show held in the premises of an unfinished private posh house in Kyiv downtown.   

hardboard, vinyl, fabric, 230х90х60 cm

Artist's traditional approach is contrast play. A toy fabric deer that holds a gun in its hoof is no longer a harmless puppet when executed in 3 x 2 meter size. It suggests that adult games might result in consequences harsher than a red-painted "wound".

Milky Clouds
wood, ceramics, LED-strip, soil, acrylic on canvas, ShcherbenkoArtCentre, Kyiv

Artist's text:


Perpetual chemical processes in nature remain unobserved. Clouds are dumb witnesse of earthly history. Daily they float along staying out of our thoughts. In fact, they are also children of natural chemistry.

Causes and consequences of the cyclic natural metabolism is an exciting proces for a personal mythologisation of the world. Water that becomes steam, clouds that fall onto earth in flows of water, plants that evaporate moisture are links of the same chain called biosphere. Transformation of energies evokes speculation on the continuity of natural process where human intervention comes in vain. 

"Milky Clouds" is an attempt to tranform flow of energy into one of material. Earth, plants, clouds are particles of the energy geyser where human is no more than a or a relative unit in the flow of life. The process of maternity is one of possibilities to bear a new clot of living matter...

And the silent witneness continue to flow up above...

hardboard, ceramics, plastic, flourescent lamps, soil