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children's discourse

Beata Korn, Hunter
hardboard, vinyl, fabric, 230х90х60 cm

Artist's traditional approach is contrast play. A toy fabric deer that holds a gun in its hoof is no longer a harmless puppet when executed in 3 x 2 meter size. It suggests that adult games might result in consequences harsher than a red-painted "wound".

Beata Korn, Dimka Brokenhearted
wood, ceramics, mosaic, 200х70х90 cm

"Dimka Brokenhearted" is a two-meter high scupture that resembles both a hundred-times boosted LEGO man and a zoomorphic discoball. Despite the technological looks the piece was created from the most natural marials - clay and class. This combination in Korn's view reflects on the contemporary world of high speed, super production and conveyor thinking balanced by the "back-to-basics" type of creation.


The work was exhibited at the "Squatting" show held in the premises of an unfinished private posh house in Kyiv downtown.   

Ruslan Tremba, Student works